Monday, March 25, 2013

Front-End SEO Editor WordPress Plugin | New WP SEO Plugin 2013 | DOA Web Dsigns

If you've been searching for a front-end SEO solution for managing your WordPress website, you're in luck! After weeks of research and trying to locate a WordPress plugin that allows front-end editing of meta titles, descriptions and H1 titles, nothing turned up. It's king of surprising that nobody has developed a plugin like this before. Outside of plugins, there's a few WP frameworks that have built-in front-end editors but most of them are cluttered with too many options and take your attention away from optimizing. Optimizing meta data and H1's is one of the most important things for any website that you're trying to rank and creating quality content as well.

Most general website admins aren't aware of optimizing their websites meta data or H1's which is why I came up with a solution. My solution is a new plugin called "Front-end SEO Editor" that I've recently developed. My new SEO plugin will make your life easier, encourage you to optimize your website, and will help educate site owners about SEO. As a web developer and digital marketing specialist you appreciate the tools available that enable you to work faster, smarter and not harder. Managing a website takes up a lot of time, especially when you have to manage the SEO on top of coding or creating content. I hope that  developers, SEO gurus and site admins will appreciate my new WP SEO plugin and use it to its fullest potential.

How does the Front-end SEO Editor work and what is it compatible with?

How it Works 
The Front-end SEO Editor is extremely user friendly and looks great. When installing and activating the new plugin, admins and editors will a see a green tab appear on your live page or post called "SEO" in top left-hand corner. The SEO tab is set in a fixed position to follow your actions on the page and is small enough that it will not protrude into your design or layout.  When clicking on the tab, you will be presented with a clean popup form showing you your current meta data and H1 title. You will be able to edit and change your page or post meta title, meta description and H1 page title on the fly.  There's no need to hit save because the form is powered with Ajax. Too see your live changes, a simple page refresh will do the job. After you've had your fun with the editor, you'll know that your life just got easier.

The plugin works out of the box with one of the most widely used WordPress SEO plugins called "Yoast SEO". Yoast SEO is the only SEO plugin that I personally use for all of my web development, it offers everything you need to optimize your WP site from top to bottom. Although the plugin defaults at Yoast SEO, it can actually work with any other SEO plugin that you have installed on your WP site. A simple change of the meta_key's is all you need to do to make this bad boy work with current SEO plugin. (See instructions in plugin file to change meta_key) Plugin compatibly is for WP versions 3.0 - 3.5+.

For more info and a copy of my new SEO plugin, please click here to download and to make a small donation.

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