Monday, February 25, 2013

Wordpress SEO - Best Practices For Creating Optimized Posts

Wordpress still remains to be one of most widely used CMS platforms on the web. Wordpress is a great platform for managing massive content as well as running a personal or basic business website. To make Wordpress even better and to make it work for you, you need to post effectively and make sure that you're optimizing each post every time. It only takes a few extra minutes to make your posts more powerful for search, so don't let those few minutes go to waste.

When creating a Wordpress post you want to make sure that you're going to reach your audience. By optimizing your posts the right way, you'll be able to rank your site in Google SERPs no problem. Sometimes even fresh blogs rank on page 1 if the content is useful to the reader and Google respects the page. To optimize your post in Wordpress you want to acknowledge these key items to make the best of your post.

1. Give your post a keyword rich title without using stop words, special characters and keyword stuffing. Give your title some variation.

2.Make sure to write your post for the reader and have keyword variations to your main keyword topic matching what's in your title.

3. Add anchor text links with alt tags that link deep into relevant pages pertaining to keywords or long tail keywords. Don't link words that do not match your URLS or H1 title, there's no value we doing that.

4. Add appropriate tags short or long but don't over do it. Tag pages don't always rank that well but if they do make sure optimize your tag page meta titles and meta data if they do.

5. Make sure to make your posts url (permalink) SEO friendly using hyphenated urls and no underscores. Also keep your url fairly short and remove unwanted words that aren't keyword specific.

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